Räumliche Solidaritäten (Spatial Solidarities)

Das Gelbe Haus Flims cordially invites you to the upcoming exhibition “Räumliche Solidaritäten” (Spatial solidarities) by Studio Other Spaces (SOS) – founded by Olafur Eliasson and Sebastian Behmann – on display at Das Gelbe Haus Flims in Switzerland, from 8 October, 2023 through 27 October, 2024.

The exhibition turns Das Gelbe Haus Flims, a landmark created by acclaimed architect Valerio Olgiati, into a space of experimentation and dialogue. Taking a process-based and site-specific approach, Studio Other Spaces presents a selection of projects from the past decade, alongside local initiatives from Flims and the surrounding area, to offer a diverse range of narratives relating to agricultural, social and infrastructural issues.

“Räumliche Solidaritäten” (Spatial solidarities) calls for new ways of togetherness, based on the pursuit of shared interests among equals and of creating spatial solidarities between city and countryside.

The berlin-based studio’s third exhibition to date,“Räumliche Solidaritäten” (Spatial solidarities) aims to create a dialogue between SOS projects and local perspectives on many issues surrounding the climate, our food systems, and new collective solidarities. The exhibition is the result of SOS’ long-standing focus on collaboration – through concept development, the creation of artworks and physical spaces, and work across the team and partners, which include specialised technicians, craftspeople, architects, designers, photographers, cooks, engineers, fabricators, and scientists.

The exhibition is co-curated by Damian Christinger, independent curator, publicist and lecturer and Elizabeth McTernan, artist, writer and visiting assistant professor at the University of Iowa, School of Art and Art History.

Photo: Studio Other Spaces and Gian Paul Lozza. ‘Light Pipe’, 2023, Crap Sogn Gion (CH)
8 October 2023 to 27 October 2024
Das Gelbe Haus Flims
Via Nova 60
7017 Flims
Das Gelbe Haus Flims
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