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Dobas’ interdisciplinary team – combining architects, designers and technicians – strives for unique designs that go beyond the visible. Every concept – be it for a flagship store, a restaurant or a trade fair booth – is tailored to the client’s needs, the offered goods/services and its target customers. Since the company was formed in 2006, we realized over 400 projects in more than 40 countries.

We offer a comprehensive service, from the first idea to the turnkey project, all from a single source. Precision is our pride, be it in the creative process, during manufacturing or on-site installation. Wherever possible, we process materials from local provenance to ensure a high standard of quality as well as high durability.

To turn our interior visions into reality we work on the cutting edge of knowledge and technology. The latest CAD / CNC infrastructures in combination with 3D laser scanning, for example, enable precision throughout the whole creation process. And thanks to Virtual Reality projects can be experienced before implementation.

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